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Burnout Is Real: How to Identify and Address Your Burnout Problem

Burnout Is Real: How to Identify and Address Your Burnout Problem

Most demanding careers practically guarantee stress, but if you’re feeling completely exhausted, unable to concentrate, or as though you’re neglecting your own well-being, you may be suffering from burnout. It’s a very real condition that’s easy to ignore, but you can detect and fix the problem if you know what to do. Here’s how.

We often use the term “burnout” as a vague label for an exhausting day or week of hard work, but actual burnout is quite a bit more serious. I experienced serious burnout at my first job out of college. I always knew something was wrong because of the long hours and high levels of stress, but I didn’t really realize what it was doing to me until my parents came to visit, saw the disastrous state of my apartment, and made me aware of what I’d been trying to ignore. (I’m usually a very tidy person, so even a small mess indicates a problem.) After leaving that job I learned more about burnout, how my life was a perfect (and extreme) example, and what I needed to do to change it. Burnout can be bad, but it isn’t insurmountable. You simply need to recognize the symptoms, identify the causes, and take action—both in the short and long term—to remedy the issues you uncover. In this post, we’re going to look at how to do those three

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