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Hasselblad Cuts Prices, Makes Owning Medium Format Cheap(er)

Now your new Hasselblad could cost 22% less at Imaging Insider

The cost of owning one of the world’s most coveted high-end cameras has just been dramatically
reduced, following the launch of a landmark global marketing initiative by Hasselblad.

The makers of the world’s most advanced camera system have announced plans to cut the
cost of ownership on a number of models – including a massive 22.9% off the entry-point
H4D-31 (with 35-90mm lens) and 20.59% off the company’s ‘ultimate photography tool’, the
60 megapixel H4D-60 camera.

Under the revised pricing structure the H4D-31 (incl. 35-90mm lens) has been reduced by 3,565
euros to 11,995 euros. The H4D-60 cost is down 6,200 euros to 23,900 euros.

Chris Russell-Fish, Hasselblad’s global sales and marketing director said: “This is a groundbrea-
king move and a very important day indeed for every photographer who aspires to own one of the
best cameras in the world. For many, price has long been the biggest barrier to ownership. Now we
have substantially reduced prices on six units and there really has never been a better time to get
your hands on a Hasselblad. Photographers can now buy into our fully integrated H System capture
solutions with an H4D-31 camera body for less than 9,000 euros.

He added: “This price reduction campaign is part of an innovative and dynamic marketing strate-
gy for the company, ahead of the world’s biggest photographic trade fair; photokina, Cologne, in
September. We are determined that more of the world’s serious creative photographers will now
have unprecedented access to a Hasselblad at a price they can afford.”

The popular Hasselblad trade-in opportunity will also continue. Russell-Fish explained: “We have
adjusted this programme to reflect our new price structure. Photographers can get more informa-
tion online.”

Under the new deal the H4D-40 unit is reduced by 1,000 euros; the H4D-50 by 3,000 euros; the
H4D-50MS by 3,000 euros; the H4D-200MS by 4,500 euros and the CFV-50 Digital Back by 2,000

And in a separate stand-alone offer customers who buy a new Hasselblad camera and lens before
the end of July will be eligible to purchase a second lens at just 50% of the manufacturer’s recom-
mended sales price.

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via Now your new Hasselblad could cost 22% less at Imaging Insider.

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