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I’d like to share some uncomfortable truths about photography.

 by icanjusttypeanythi via. Reddit


I think some things need to be said out loud, for once, at least things that I’ve noticed:

1. It’s more about equipment than we’d like to admit.
Years ago, I started with a shit film camera. The PJ playing field was divided between those who could afford fast lenses and bodies that allowed quick film loading and those who could not. Talent meant not just knowing how to compose and expose a frame correctly, but also knowing how to trick your goddamn shitty equipment into doing what you want it to do.
Nowadays, especially those of you in college, the playing field is divided between those who can buy adequate equipment to get the job done, and those who can afford fucking MAGIC. Let’s face it: the asshole kid whose dad bought him a D3 and a 400mm f/2.8 is going to have a better sports portfolio than you when you apply to our paper. You’re both talented but we’re too fucking cheap to provide equipment and so was your school. As a consequence, he got all the primary shots he needed for an assignment in the first five plays and spent the next half-hour experimenting with cool angle choices and different techniques while you were still trying to get your 60D to lock focus quickly enough.
True, you can’t pick up a pro camera, set it to P mode and instantly turn into Ansel Adams, but if you’re learning on the same pace as everyone else and you are trying to keep up because your equipment can’t hack it, the difference will be stark, and frustrating. Read more →

It has begun.


Heart Light Play

Ever wonder why clothing looks so good in catalogs?

This is just the beginning of the preparations.


Piano Keys.

Senior Retirement. A Day Of Golf

Par 4

Spraying Feathers

Dusting off

Winter Stairs

Snow covered winter stairs.

Coffee Break

Gourmet coffee beans

The Last Brush

The thrill of applying he last brush

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